Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Breakfast at night

As some of you might know, one of my resolutions this first half of the year is to lose weight. I am still at it, slowly working off excess fat through exercise and diet. Before you imagine me at size 16, I am still at 8 or 9, but if I don’t watch out, I might just balloon before I know it. I see this happening to many women.

I will write about my exercise regimen some other time. For now, I will talk about my evolving eating habits.

I have indeed started making changes in what or how I eat. Some things I do now aren't new. I have heard or read them before. But I hardly applied them until recently. Like, eating slowly (about 20 minutes), drinking 8 glasses of water (in my case, lemon water and green tea), cutting down on sugar and rice, eating 3-4 servings of fruits each day, not sleeping within two hours after supper…

I have a classmate from high school, who is now a doctor, who said that some people gain weight because of poor eating habits. Eating fast was one of them. Another was drinking cold water during a meal. Whaaat? That was new to me. I heard someone say that drinking hot water aids in digestion, but I didn't know that drinking cold water during a meal was bad. I wonder why. But it makes sense. Doesn’t fat congeal in cold temperature? Yeah, fat and cold water in the stomach seems like a bad combination, doesn't it?

This same doctor-classmate said that the heaviest meals should be breakfast and lunch. I have heard this too, but coming from a doctor, it sounded more credible. Breakfast has been my most neglected meal. Usually in a rush on weekday mornings, I hardly sit down for a decent breakfast. I nibble here and there. At times, I skip breakfast altogether. Not good! My friend at work tells me. It should provide me energy for the day. Sometimes I skip lunch too. Not good! she says again, for the same reason. If you want to skip a meal, skip dinner.

Unfortunately, dinner was my heaviest meal. I was not keen on skipping it. Besides, that was our family time.

Then I came across an article saying our metabolism slows down at night. This was why we should eat light. This is probably the reason behind the no-food-after-6pm weight loss diet, too.

Because I am determined NOT to have more cellulite than I already have in my body, I am trying to make gradual supper changes for myself. I cook the usual rice and viand(s) for my lean family, but I myself eat light. So far, I have cut down on rice or avoided it altogether. I eat smaller portions too. I eat my dinner food at breakfast. For lunch, I bring leftovers. I also bring nuts and fruits to snack on.

Now I’m thinking, if I’m eating my dinner in the morning, then I should probably be eating breakfast food, like oatmeal or cereals or a toast, at night.

Coming up next, my very own “chopstick diet”.

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