Sunday, December 10, 2006

Not a movie buff

I like watching movies, but I’m not a movie buff. I’m very poor at remembering plots or dialogues or characters and the actors who played them. I know people who can re-tell storylines and spout dialogues from old movies as if they saw them just an hour ago. Me, I ask my kids, Have I seen that movie? Mom, how come you don’t know?

Just two days ago, one of my boys asked me if I finished the movie Click when we rented the video. The title didn’t, uhmm, click. It sounded familiar but I couldn’t recall what it was about or if I even watched it. After jogging my memory through a series of questions that exasperated Markus, I vaguely recalled watching parts of it and probably sleeping through the rest.

At home or in the theatres, I tend to fall asleep while watching a movie. It is quite a challenge for me to sit through a two-hour film without losing my attention or consciousness. My family knows about this tendency so every time we go out to watch a movie, which is very rare, they occasionally check if I am still watching. They don’t like me asking, What did I miss? or What's the ending? See if Mom’s awake, I will hear someone whisper. Or, Mom, are you awake? Or someone will nudge me with his elbow. I get annoyed. It disturbs my watching or sleeping. Either way.

It’s not that I don’t make an effort to keep myself awake. In fact, I try to at least keep one eye open while the other starts shutting. In the theatre, I keep the eye—the one nearest a movie companion—open for as long as I could so that from his or her side, I will appear awake for a time. Eventually my two eyes will close. You know anyone else like me who sleeps with one eye closing before the other?

Contrary to what my boys say, I have watched some movies completely through one viewing. Comedies, war movies, suspense... They vary. The only kind of movie I don't like to ever watch, besides the x-rated, is horror. I know horror flicks will keep me awake, all right, but they might also keep me awake at sleeptime.

On the other hand, I have slept through parts of some of the best movies of late. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Lord of the Rings. Passion of the Christ. The Last Samurai. Harry Potter... The list is longer, no doubt about that, but I can't remember them all.

I’m pretty sure though that adding up all the movie segments I have seen through repeated viewings on TV or DVD, I would have seen these films in full. Even so, I still won’t be able to recall or re-tell the plot of any of these movies like a good storyteller. As I’ve indicated earlier, my movie recall is poor. I get people and sequences mixed up. I even get different movies confused and interchanged. I forget titles a lot, or else I get them wrong. Like, Polar Bear Express for The Polar Express, Lost Without A Trace for Lost and Without A Trace (two different TV shows), and beat this, Going Back to College for Back to School.

I consider my poor movie recall as an advantage though. To me, every movie that I watch, though seen by me before, looks fresh and new. Very similar to the story of My First Fifty Dates.


lhb said...

Did you mean "50 First Dates" with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore? :)

Used to go most Tuesday evenings when movies are only $5 here.

lerryblossoms said...

that's exactly it! no wonder it sounded wrong :-)