Friday, December 22, 2006

Gabriel is a teen

Gabriel turned 13 this month. He’s officially a teen! He is growing up fast, surprising people who hadn’t seen him in a while. Is it 13 years only? It feels like I’ve had him in my life for much longer. It's good to be stay-at-home while kids are growing up. You get to enjoy that period longer, and I tell you, it goes fast.

Gabriel was born almost six years after Mickey. By then, I was emotionally and mentally prepared to have another baby. Gino and Mickey were going to school. I was fulltime at home missing having a baby. I had forgotten how it was to wake up in the middle of the night. I was ready to do it over.

I had forgotten the pain of childbirth too. Okay, I wasn't so brave about this one. As my due date approached, I became more and more scared about giving birth a third time. It wasn’t like, Oh I know how it feels. I can do it again. It was more like, Ooooh, I knooow how it feels. I’m not sure I can go through it again the natural way.... My bones and muscles could have become less pliable in six years.

Thank God, I gave birth naturallly to a healthy 6-lb baby without a problem. We took him home in two days. At first, I was concerned about having a newborn at home without a househelp nor family nearby. How in the world would I manage with three kids and do housechores too? Fortunately, Gabriel was a very good baby. He didn't make a lot of fuss. Fortunately, too, everyone else in the family--his brothers and dad--helped around the house. Thus, we managed.

Mom and Gabriel in Caliraya, Laguna

It was bonding time for baby and me whenever we were left to ourselves at home. Gabriel and I played with toys, read books, slept, ate, cooed... I talked to him a lot. I would repeatedly read to him a framed cross-stitch on the kitchen wall that says, "Even my failures are edible". He would laugh and laugh.

As Gabriel learned to roll over, crawl and stand, I left him less and less by himself on the bed or in the playpen unless he was sound asleep. I lugged him around, often stradled on my left hip, as I went about my chores. Good training on multitasking.


Gabriel easily endeared himself to anyone who came in contact with him. We could pass him on to people he had not previously seen. His name befitted his countenance. You're such a darling angel! He made it so much easier for me to have three little children by being a content and happy baby that he was.

Gabriel was in Mabuhay magazine

I did feel a little sad and concerned though that he was born way behind his two older brothers. Who will be his playmate at home when his brothers get older? Wouldn't he feel alone? These concerns were shortlived as we would welcome baby Markus less than two years later.

Now Gabriel is a teen. He is becoming his own person and acquiring his own taste in music, outfit, hairstyle... He is doing very well at school and has many friends. He is into computers and Gamecube too. His teachers say good things about him. He can be mischievous and also gets to my nerves sometimes, but on the whole, he is pleasant.

My prayer for Gabriel is that he will withstand peer pressure and live by the values he's heard at home and in church. I pray for godly influence around him and for a hedge of protection against all sorts of vices and evil. I continue to entrust Gabriel over to God, His Maker, to watch over him 24-7, while I release him more and more. I hope it is not too early to say, but I can see him growing up into a fine young man.

Way to go, Gabriel!

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