Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Costume fest

Here are some photos of Gabriel and Markus in their costumes last October 31. As usual, we went to church where kids have lots of fun and candies without having to go door-to-door. This year the theme was Fiesta so many were in Mexican costumes, but you could wear something else. Nothing of the dark sorts though because it was not a Halloween party but rather an alternative costume party that many churches provide the community every year.

Markus wearing a Mexican hat and poncho. Posing like un hombre.

And here's Gabriel prize-winning make-up which he did on himself.

At church, Markus took off his Mexican outfit and put on red face paint. Looks like he ate too much burrito.

They do more acting at home...

And here's a clip of Markus doing one of his funny antics. He himself drew the face on the head. You can hear Gabriel and me giggling in the background.

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