Friday, September 22, 2006

What’s not cooking… or Who isn't

If you've read my previous blog, you know that I love reading recipes more than I love cooking. I enjoy cooking and it helps me unwind after working all day in front of the computer. But it’s not my big passion. I know people who are really into cooking. I’m not like that. I won’t think twice about handing over the apron to anyone who wants to put it on. If you want to cook in my kitchen, please, feel at home. I will eat whatever you cook.

To avoid cooking every night, I sometimes prepare a big batch of food and serve leftovers—as-is or recycled—the next day. Or, I freeze make-ahead portions that can easily be thrown in the pan with other ingredients. Or, I buy and serve roast chicken from the supermarket. Or, I heat up frozen pizza. Or, I declare a junk food night of chips and pop and some other comfort food. Nobody complains. In fact, the boys get excited. After all, we don’t often have junk food at home. Our agreement, er, my policy is that we can have chips and pop—Sprite, Gingerale or Seven-Up—only on weekends.

On special occasions, we get to eat out as a family. This is not very often, so I welcome the opportunity when it happens. Like last Sunday after church. We had all-you-can-eat lunch at Top Gun, a Japanese restaurant in New Westminster for Markus’s post-birthday celebration.

That afternoon, I felt really heavy and bloated. Sushi expands in the tummy. I didn’t want to see any more food or even think about it. I thought everyone felt the same.

“Guys, I’m not cooking tonight,” I happily announced.

“Mom!!” I didn’t expect a chorus of protests.

“What? We’re so full. I don’t want to eat anymore,” I answered.

“I’m already getting hungry, Mom,” Markus replied.

“Mom, just because you’re not hungry, you won’t be cooking. What about us?” I think that was Gabriel speaking. Or complaining.

“All right. We’ll have something light and fruit-y,” I said. I went to the supermarket and did my weekly groceries. I bought lots of fresh fruits—longgans, grapes, oranges, guava… As a compromise, I served canned spicy Portuguese sardines in olive oil to go with the buns or pan de sal I baked the previous night. I did not cook. Everyone was fine with that.

Tonight, I get another reprieve from the kitchen. Gabriel and Markus left for church camp and there’s more than enough siopao for those of us at home. Tomorrow is Saturday. No one wakes up early so breakfast is the same as lunch. Mickey has work in the afternoon and will most likely eat Church’s chicken. Gino’s going to watch a play in Seattle. There’s leftover adobo… Hmmm, I may not have to cook dinner too. Yippeee!! I have a lot of time to read recipes!!!


LHB said...

Here's a blog with some interesting recipes, in case you're interested. LHB

"Visit the blog below, leave a comment---request a recipe for Christmas dinner and say where you are. For every comment made, an amount will be donated to a special fund for Guimaras. Target is about P5000."

lerryblossoms said...

thanks for the info. nice blog. i got a recipe idea already. i bet you cook too, huh?