Monday, September 04, 2006

September morn

Wow, September already? I can’t believe summer went by so quickly. I had a good summer, a very productive summer. Autumn is at the doorstep. I will miss a lot of things…

I will miss Beth. She and I have become very close over the past months. Rode to work together, prayed for each other, chatted endlessly about gardens, recipes, family, work, church, life in the Philippines, and thrift buys! A woman after my own heart! Her family’s moving to Alberta today. Another goodbye. Too bad we only had about a year to get to know each other. Thanks to the Internet and cheap long distance rates, we will easily be in touch. I am happy for her and her family as they carve out a new life in Edmonton. And I am happy to have someone to visit in that city. Hopefully, next year!

I will miss my vegetable garden. I still have broccoli plants, tomatoes, peppers, basil and parsley left, but these will soon thin out like my lettuce, sweet peas and cucumbers. I didn’t imagine I would feel so sad to watch my garden fade away. It has been like a pet to me. Cheered me up every morning and every time I came home from work. I plan to plant tulip bulbs this fall so there will be blooms in early spring. They will be very pretty. Haven’t done this before, so let’s see how it goes—or grows.

I will miss long days. Sunrise before 5 am and sunset after 9 pm. Looong day. Makes me feel like I can do more during the day.

I will miss summer clothes and outings… It’s time to prepare the sweaters, turtle necks, nylons, boots, scarves…Time to do more indoor stuff. I will learn to sew! I took home my mother’s old sewing machine from Seattle yesterday and I’m so looking forward to doing something different. First, I need to learn how to thread that thing. No more sawing. Time for sewing.

Ohhh, September. While I will miss some things that will go with the summer season, I look forward to new things.

I look forward to the colours of fall. Reds. Yellows. Oranges. Maroons. It’s what I like to call nature’s last hurrah before everything turns dreary and grey. It is so beautiful in the fall. I like looking at the mountains gradually turn yellow. Although I like lush and green trees, I find art and beauty when deciduous trees start shedding. They are like women without make-up, or men without steroids. The naked beauty of a tree’s skeleton. So nice to look at against the sunset or a cloudless sky, or through the fog.

I look forward to all my sons being back at home. Gino’s finally back after 4 months in Toronto and 2 weeks in California. We picked him up from my mother’s Seattle apartment this weekend. Mickey’s flying in from Bangkok tonight. See you at the airport! Welcome hugs to you, guys! Back to reality, back to school and work, back to chores. It would be interesting to see how things get back to normal…

I look forward to school opening. Gabriel will be in high school, wow! Big change. Markus will be by himself in grade school. I will have the same morning route as I drop off the two at different schools. The car will be emptier though. It used to be full every morning with all four of them. Now, it’s down to two.

I look forward to new TV shows. We watch House, Mantracker, Malcolm in the Middle, The Simpsons. I have dropped Desperate Housewives from my few favourites after I realized that the stories and relationships are way too dysfunctional and too desperate. We’ve seen the first two episodes of Prison Break, and I feel I may dropping this too. Aside from the violence, it’s getting badder. I won’t last watching a TV show that regularly leaves me feeling bad and angry. Gimme a break! Have some redeeming value. I’ll get back to your program towards the end of the season when the good and the truth will hopefully have the upper hand. I hope to see more feel good TV series appear this season. I don’t mind shallow comedy. I like family sitcoms.

I look forward to more stories to blog. New season, new colours, new stories.

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