Monday, July 31, 2006


Early morning yesterday, at around 6 am, people were awakened by a succession of thunders. I was already up by then, but I could not immediately distinguish what the sounds were or where they were coming from. When the sounds became louder and more frequent, I was like, wow, thunder! That is so rare here.

“Mom, what does it mean?” Mickey asked me later when he came down from his bedroom. I thought he was asking a philosophical question. Before I could say, no, this has nothing to do with the end of the world or Christ’s imminent Second Coming, he followed up with, “Does this have to do with global warming?” I just gave a simple grade-school explanation of what causes thunder and what it often precedes – rain. I didn’t think it was related to global warming nor to a global warning.

The peals of thunder yesterday morning were the buzz in town. Even in church, it was mentioned during the service, and today, as I was walking from Wal-Mart to my workplace, the two ladies behind me were talking about it. Big deal.

I have lived more than 8 years here in BC, and I’d say even nature here is relatively laid back, just like our pace of life. Our winter is mild, our summer is nice. Can be hot but the weather cools quickly with some wind and clouds. We get lots of rain, but not the typhoon kind. Okay, we have forest fires and occasional landslides. Still, it’s not as bad as those in other places. I have only felt one earthquake in all our life here. My officemate, who has lived here all his life, said it was the first earthquake he had ever experienced.

In this sense, it is more exciting to live in the Philippines if you like extreme nature. Strong typhoons, strong earthquakes, strong volcanic eruptions, huge landslides… we have them. And you should hear our thunders! Things I can live without…

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