Monday, July 24, 2006

Beating the heat

The past weekend was I think record-breaking hot hereabouts. I swear, I would not have had the nerve to head to the pool at our complex in a two-piece swimsuit were it not so sweltering hot inside the house.

“Check how many people there are in the pool,” I asked Gabriel and Markus a few times. It was already past 8 pm. I heard it was crowded earlier in the day. When they said there were only four adults with little children, the three of us went out to swim. Ahhh, the water felt so good and warm. How relaxing! I did a few laps at the deep end. Swimming is one skill you never forget, although without practice, it could well deteriorate. My boys raced me twice, and I came in third two times! They were like tadpoles in the water, while I swam and kicked like, uhmm... a frog. At around 9 pm, when I could already see the orange sunset on the distant horizon peering through the trees at our backyard, I came out of the water. It took some convincing to get the boys to follow suit.

At home, I went straight to the tub and soaked again while reading Better Homes and Gardens. “Don’t disturb me. I’ll take long,” I told the boys.

After being refreshed, I once again felt the heat even before I was completely dry. How could I sleep in this heat? I decided to take out Markus’s round inflatable bed to the deck and enjoy some cooler air outside. Gabriel and Markus joined me later. We snuggled in that small bed and chatted while stargazing at the cloudless sky. Fun! We talked about UFOs and shooting stars and the planet Mars which is supposedly coming very close to Earth in August.

I love stargazing. The night before, when we went to a drive-in theatre, I had as much fun looking at the constellations as watching Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean.

This night, it was all constellation, no movie stars. In a short while, Markus and I were sound asleep until Mickey woke us up because mosquitoes were entering the living room through the open patio door.

Yesterday, the temperature was again in the 90s F or above the 30s in centigrade. We drove to a beach in Vancouver with a load of picnic food and mats. Wow, was it ever so crowded!

No, I did not don my two-piece this time--I will not do this again in public--but the beach was dotted with people who were tanning and showing off their summer bods, making people like me pregnant with envy, or just looking pregnant... I instantly thought of the aerobics classes I shouldn’t have missed, and the heaps of rice I could have skipped. But hey, I have a nice natural tan that white people get roasted for. Be happy with what you’ve got or will ever have realistically…

Back at home, I turned on the aircon in the living room, which is the surest sign that the heat was becoming unbearable. Our aircon at home is hardly ever used because I want to keep our electric bills as low as possible. “Mom, when are we turning on the aircon?” the kids ask. This weekend I finally did it.

So this was how we tried to beat the weekend heat. And I think there are more hot days ahead..


Glenda said...

Hi tita!
My friends and I went to the drive in at Aldergrove last Saturday too... or at least we tried to. What time kayo pumunta dun? Kasi nung dumating kami puno na and they've stopped letting people in. Sayang... I wanted to see Cars pa naman hehe.

lerryblossoms said...

dapat 2 hours before pala para to get a good spot. 9pm kami dumating. movie starts at 9:30.