Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hum de dum

I often find myself humming. Anything. Familiar tunes or ones that I make up. Sometimes I’m not even fully aware of it until I catch myself humming a dirge or the Star-Spangled Banner. Ooops, wrong song. O Canada is more like it. Or Lupang Hinirang. Music is constantly playing in my head, it seems, and coming out of my vocal chords. I wonder if my humming annoys anybody.

I am not a composer, but I wish I could write one song in my lifetime, one with a nice melody and nicer lyrics. I’ve heard some wonderful melodies in my dreams and how I wish I could recall them upon waking up. I couldn’t, even if in my dream I knew I was dreaming and trying to remember each and every note. Composing music awake is not one of my talents. Not yet.

One of these days I might just surprise myself.

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