Thursday, May 18, 2006

Girlie stuff

A dear friend of mine I’ll call Merry, who never misses to come to my workstation daily for conversation, recently suggested, “Lerryblossoms, why don’t you do girlie stuff?”

Girlie stuff. I have been thinking about doing “girlie stuff” like sewing and making crafts to alternate with my handywoman projects. Maybe Merry thought I could use some fun out of doing lighter activities that can be done while sitting down, chit-chatting or watching TV. I’d been thinking about that too.

I cook, I bake, I keep house, on top of caring for my boys. Now I garden also.  But I want to try more girlie stuff, not just the practical ones. Maybe it’s time to squeeze out latent creative juices for things that are nice to do or to look at.

Merry knows lots of girlie things. She can sew, crochet, cross-stitch, bake fancy cakes, decorate, and she has a knack for knick-knacks. Me, I was never good at any of those things and just managed to pass Home Economics in elementary and high school. I think I had poor small motor skills. Couldn’t cut straight, stitch straight, do tiny things well with my hands. I enjoyed P. E. better. Even today, I would rather go for bowling or ping pong, even practice swinging at the driving range, than repair a loose button.

But maybe I can do it, you know, the girlie stuff. If I can do gardening, I could probably do other things. Maybe I could make nice floral arrangements so that my house doesn’t look like a guys’ dorm all the time. Or string my own necklace. Or sew my curtains, bed linens, skirts, and the boys’ boxers!

Last Sunday, I was happy to complete another handywoman project after fixing our storm door and replacing the screen. I have four or five more projects to do and I’m ready for some girlie projects.

Ahh, so many things to do and so little time.  

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