Thursday, March 09, 2006

Holy Firewall

Recently, I saw the movie Firewall starring Harrison Ford. I first heard about it at work from our president, no less, who said that if anyone touched his family, “he got the wrong family”. I’m sure he said that not to impress the missus who was sitting at the front row (though I bet she was tickled pink.) He was determined to do whatever it took to rescue his family from the bad guys, if he were in that position, just like what Jack Stanfield (Ford’s character) did in the movie.

As I think about the film now, I can relate to it on another dimension. As a computer concept, firewall has something to do with security issues, and that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about another kind of firewall, or rather wall of fire, that gives me a different sense of security. Before I retire I night, I usually pray for an impenetrable wall of fire around our household, then in quiet trust that God will indeed protect us, I peacefully and quickly doze off to dreamland. I pray for the same wall of fire to surround each member of my family as we head out to different directions, and especially for my teens when they are out at night.

I will say with no apologies that Jesus Christ is my firewall (and with that I mean anti-virus, etc. too). He protects me from external attacks by hackers and spammers and every kind of viruses and worms out to wreak havoc in my system. And He deletes and disinfects what is wrong IN me in the first place.

The only thing is, there is such a thing as free will, and the firewall will not override it. If I choose to open up myself to things I know aren’t good and are potentially destructive, I knowingly or unknowingly let in malicious, vicious “viruses” that will slow down my system or make me do crazy things, or worse, crash altogether.

I was telling someone, “You have to reformat (your life)” like you would do to a seriously messed up hard drive. If you know your life has been infected by sin, (okay, some people prefer to use more palatable terms like weaknesses or shortcomings), you either delete or disinfect it because it will spread surreptitiously in your internal drive -- your soul. You might need a drastic reformatting with outside help. Just as you call a techie if it concerns your PC, you call on Jesus for spiritual heart malfunctions or dysfunctions. He then sends help through various means and agents.

The point is, you don’t want destructive viruses and pesky worms undermining how you function—or end up—in life.

My son Mickey reminded me one day that we should do a virus scan on our PC regularly. We need to do the same with our souls. Don’t wait for your system to crash and be irreversibly damaged.

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Ralph said...

This is one of best descriptions of our role (as saved humans) in the process of sanctification I've ever heard. Lerie, you're both a theologian and a preacher. Amen to what God has revealed to you and may you be mightily blessed by sharing it with others!