Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Filling the blog

Wow, this blog is a year old already. Thank you blogspot for giving me a cyberplace where I can virtually store my ramblings. You save me space on my hard drive.

I thought of blogging when I realized it was better than flooding the Inboxes of my contacts with anecdotes that may not sound interesting nor personal to everyone’s liking. With a blog, nobody is “spammed”. Everyone can read my stories at their own pleasure. No pressure. For my part, I can write as little or as much as I want regardless of whether anyone is reading it.

Actually, my plan was to compile my stories and intersperse them with tried and tested recipes from my kitchen. I still intend to turn this into a family recipe book for my four boys and for posterity. I figure it would be heartwarming and practical at the same time, something they can take along when they start going places or living on their own.

At the moment, it seems that my book dream will remain in the backburner. I have more stories to blog while they are fresh in my mind. Unlike recipes that can be repeated, life experiences cannot be replayed. The ingredients or end result will never be the same.

I guess I will be blogging for the next while. Here’s to more cheers!

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LHB said...

Hello Mrs. Blossoms,

Congratulations on passing this important milestone.