Friday, February 10, 2006

Loss anniversary – a postscript

After that exchange with Mr. Parton in my previous blog entry, I thought maybe it was a good idea to have some closure on the loss my boys felt for their games and Gamecube. I decided to take home some comfort food in memory of the old Gamecube, and put the matter to rest. It was a silly notion, but I wanted to have some excuse for having pizza, chips, pop and ice cream tonight. Besides it was not so often that we ate these junk at home. A treat would be nice.

I passed by Wal-Mart after work to buy the items, came home and announced we were going to have a memorial for the Gamecube, games and DVDs that we lost about a year to this day.  

“This is weird, Mom,” Gabriel and Markus snickered.

“Well, I just thought you might want to remember your old Gamecube. May it rest in pieces,” I said.

“Mom! It was just in one piece when it was taken,” Gabriel interjected.

“OK. Then, may it rust in peace,” I replied.  

“Mom, it is plastic, not metal. It won’t rust. That’s even more dumb,” he answered back, shaking his head.

Whatever. Just enjoy the meal.

I guess my boys have moved on, as did their Gamecube.

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LHB said...

Mr. Parton had bourbon, not pizza. :) :)