Friday, February 10, 2006

Break In

It was about this time last year when a thief broke into our house and took away ALL our DVDs, Gamecube and ALL games. That was quite a collection which could easily amount to at least $800. But more disheartening for the boys was the loss of their Gamecube, which they got as a Christmas gift less than two months earlier. They also lost the game they bought by pooling their money together. Grrrr!

The theft was discovered by Mickey when he went home from school at lunchtime, something that he did not normally do. He found the DVD shelf empty, the living room window broken and the glass sliding doors leading to our deck at the back unlocked. We were robbed!

Mickey did some investigating, checking the upstairs bedrooms, going to the neighbours and checking the adjacent Toys R Us parking lot. Then he called me at work. I rushed home and quickly checked if other valuables were stolen. I forgot we had no valuables –- no jewelry, no cash, no great works of art, rare antiques or fine china. We had tons of books though, but I guess that thief was not into reading. He left the Magic Mic too. He was not into singing either, and I was grateful for that. When I went to inspect upstairs, all the bedrooms looked as if they had been ransacked. Then I remembered that was how we left them that morning. Any thief would be dismayed at the sight, and probably think that someone had come before him and there was nothing left to steal.

I called the police. Minutes later, one cop came. He asked several questions, took down notes, then took off. What??? No fingerprinting? no photographs? No tracing of footsteps? No Lieutenant Caine or David Caruso? I surmised that the loss of DVDs did not warrant such meticulous investigation like the ones you see on CSI.

The Strata caretaker checked out the broken glass and gave me a repair company to call, which I did. A guy set an appointment for the next day so we had to cover the window with big slabs of wood we kept in the basement. When the repairman came, he said the glass on our broken permanent window was plastic. What?? No wonder it was so easy and quiet to break into. The neighbours did not hear anything.

It was a stressful two days as we tried to come to grips with the loss of my set of Anne of Green Gables, Lord of the Rings, Gino’s Harry Potter and some other good movies. I didn’t care much about the others. The boys rued the loss of their Gamecube for a long time. Last Christmas, they got a new one.

I am grateful that the break-in happened when no one was at home and my kids were all at school. “Don’t play hero,” I told Mickey when he said he went upstairs with a kitchen knife thinking the bad guy might still be there. “When this thing happens, let him take anything. It’s not worth your life.” Soon after that we had a security alarm installed. We should have done this earlier, but we learned our lesson.

I sometimes scout our house and wonder what I can’t afford to lose. What would be so precious? The only things I would cry about losing are our tons of pictures, videos, official documents, and several mementos that are worthless to others but loaded with priceless memories. I am emotionally unattached to most everything else, even my expensive vacuum cleaner cum air purifier. The treasure I am building up is beyond anyone’s reach because it is out of this world – literally.


Parton Words said...

Hey there Lerry,

We two were broken into a year and a half ago. Many things were taken. My younger children were most upset. And I felt sorry for those who had done it.

I felt sorry that the two who had done it had so little respect for others and for themselves that they could stoop so low. Lerry, you and I were obviously brought up very differently than they. I was brought up in a financially struggling household that was full of love and respect. And thanks to my parents, I could never do what these two had done.

It wouldn't matter how low things got for me, I just couldn't take prized possessions from others and claim them as mine.

Feel sorry for them. And feel proud that your four would never do anything like that.

lerryblossoms said...

hey mr. parton,

thanks. i agree with you totally. now i'm thinking maybe i should have felt more sorry for my kids and let them rant and feel their loss rather than minimizing it.

Parton Words said...

It's funny you know.....It also reminds of a time I was in my mid 20's. Things were not going well in my life. I had just split up with my long time girl friend and I'd moved into this crappy little apartment that came with some furniture in it. I had taken no actual possessions from the ended relationship. I moved into this place with my clothes, a bed and a refridgerator. The apartment looked ridiculously sparse.

I came home from work one day to an open door. Somebody had broken in. They didn't take anything, cos there was nothing to take. I had a bottle of bourbon in the kitchen and they even left that. I guess they must have thought that I needed it more than they did.

I can remember thinking 'the beauty of having nothing, is that no bastard can take it away from you'

I drank my bourbon and felt strangely happy that night.