Sunday, January 08, 2006


I know better now than to use my cellphone as a calculator while grocery shopping. I thought this was a good idea since I always brought it with me anyway. Saved me space in my purse.


Last night, I was at Canadian Superstore and I remembered to calculate the items in my cart as I picked them out. How convenient it is to have a calcultor on the phone! That way I would know my running total and stay within my budget. No surprises at the check-out counter. And in case the cashier made a mistake in punching prices, I would be alerted right there and then.

I had been shopping for about 45 minutes, taking my sweet time and going from aisle to aisle when I got to the bakery section. I took a loaf of bread, keyed in its cost and my cellphone/calculator read $19.62. Forty-five minutes and that was all the value of my purchases.

Apparently, my boys at home thought I had been gone for too long. Gabriel called me on my cellphone and it vibrated.

Well, guess what? This sent my cellphone flying into the air. I was so startled that I flung it over buns and muffins. Fearing it might land on the floor and break, I quickly lunged to catch my phone as I was not prepared to replace my bottom-of-the-line Nokia. Fortunately, it fell on the table in the middle of packs of bread.

A guy across the table was watching while this was all going on, probably wondering, What’s wrong with this woman?

I know what’s wrong with this woman. I have never gotten used to my phone ringing, beeping or vibrating because these rarely happen. I often get startled when they do. (You can tell I use a prepaid phonecard.) And by startled, I mean, jumping to my feet, being jolted from my seat, scrambling to find my phone, and the latest, flinging my poor Nokia into the air…

My phone was still vibrating when I picked it up. Embarrassed, I quickly walked to a corner and spoke with Gabriel. After my brief conversation with my son, I checked my phone and my running total had disappeared. Good thing, I remembered it said $19.62.

Next time I go shopping, I will see to it I have a real calculator handy. What if my cellphone hits somebody’s head? I could be sued, you know. Then I could be calling an attorney and calculating more than groceries…

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