Saturday, December 03, 2005

Rewarding results, not intentions

Last week, Markus brought home his best report card ever. 7 A’s and a B. I decided to give him a reward of HIS choice, within MY budget.

“Ten dollars!” he exclaimed. “I get $10?” He seemed blown away by such good fortune. There is value in not being spoiled rotten. He enjoys more of the little he gets.

“Mom, I can pay some of it with my clean-room salary,” Markus offered, referring to a previous deal. The hilarity of this statement was matched only by the good intent behind it. So I tried my best not to demean what he said, even if I wanted so much to laugh.

Yesterday morning, I snuck up to Markus’s bed to wake him up. The short distance between the door and his bed was like an obstacle course. I was careful not to knock over his Christmas “décor” in the middle of the room, or step on school supplies and clothes scattered all over.

After the usual wake-up kiss, hug and a little chit-chat, I said, “You said your room was clean.”

“It WAS!” he replied. “I didn’t say it IS true.” So quick on the draw!

“So is today a good day to clean? You have early dismissal today,” I said.

“What about tomorrow, Mom? We have no school tomorrow,” he bargained.

“Okay. Do we have a deal?” I wanted a commitment from him and Gabriel. They both said yes.

I came home Friday and found their room acceptable. If only they could keep it that way for the agreed one week, without moving their mess to other parts of the house, I will gladly give a "clean-room salary". I have yet to disburse this money.

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lerryblossoms said...

Markus got himself a pack of Pokemon cards and a box of Nerds. He intentionally left some for his bank account. Smart cookie!