Monday, November 14, 2005

To beat Mom

I am currently the ping pong champ in our house, and I better blog this before I lose my crown. My boys are all aspiring to the throne. It seems that their main goal is to “beat Mom”. They are really trying.

About three weeks ago, I suggested that we use our glass dining table as a ping pong table when Mickey started showing interest in the game. Our table is narrower and shorter than the real one, but I knew it would work. I've seen my high school classmates play a mean game of ping pong using a tiny teacher’s desk at lunch break.

With a set of hand-me-down paddles and balls from the dollar store, we started playing ping pong on our dining table. It’s become a craze in our house, there are times when we eat from the stove and kitchen counter to keep the table clean.

Mickey is the most serious player of them all. He is working on his spins, drives and serves. Gabriel and Markus have considerably improved too. Gino is not too much into the game, but he plays every now and then just for the fun of it. The younger three play to win.

I am sort of the veteran player and trainer. I am not great at ping pong, maybe above average, but I have great enthusiasm. Ping pong gives me a rush and a flimsy excuse for missing my aerobics class.

I’m stepping up my game as my boys are getting better and better. Unbelievable, but Mickey, Gabriel and Markus have all won against me. I can no longer play it easy or they will smash the ball with no hesitation. It will put me on the defensive.

The other day, Mickey beat me thrice in a row. He declared himself the new champion and I conceded. Then Markus beat him twice in a row. So this is how it feels to be Mom, Markus gloated. Gabriel also beat me twice in a row. What’s going on? I’ve been standing for three hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. Of course, I will lose… I’ve been playing against all of you, guys, non-stop… You get to rest, I don’t. Excuses…

Yesterday, I decided to reclaim the throne. I beat Mickey five games straight. I felt I was back in my element. Then beat them all. Ha!

In a few minutes, Markus will be calling and they will be wanting their turn to once again “beat Mom”.

Ping pong is a good way of unwinding at the end of the day; better than slouching on the couch. It’s a good warm up too before I head to the gym, which I am determined to do – again.

It’s just a matter of time before all these boys excel in ping pong. I can see it. Of course, you will all beat me sooner or later, I tell them. I’m growing old. But for now, I will give them a hard time.


Christine said...

go tita!! beat em till they drop!! hehehe, JOKE! :)

Gino said...

change my age.

lerryblossoms said...

hi christine! would you believe that i lost 1 game to makoy last night? i won 1 game after that. that little dude plays it easy then suddenly drives. he's learning fast!