Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sweet and short

I just have to blog this.

I fell asleep quite early last night. Didn’t even change my top, nor sleep in the right place. I was dead to the world by 9 pm, bushed after work and grocery shopping.

About an hour later, I sensed Markus snuggle up to me. I wanted to strike up a conversation but was sort of in between dreaming and waking up. Then I heard him say quietly, “Dear God…”

Half-awake, I said something totally irrelevant--I couldn’t even remember it--in my desire to have a small talk with Markus. Realizing the ill-timing of my senseless words and still struggling to wake up, I muttered, “Pray before you sleep, Markus…”

“I just did. Let me pray for you, Mom,” he said tenderly.

“Okay,” I said. That pulled me out of my grogginess. Normally, I would be the one saying that to him at bedtime or when I wake him up in the morning.

“Dear God, please protect my Mom,” Markus prayed.

What a sweet, short prayer that must have stormed the gates of heaven.

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