Thursday, October 27, 2005

Making a mountain out of a mole

Markus has a big mole near the corner of his mouth. Many adults find it charming. He DOESN’T.

Nothing annoys him more than being teased about it by, who else, but his Kuya Gabriel. Gabriel, on the other hand, knows that the easiest way to get under Markus’s skin is to allude to his mole, so he resorts to it whenever he is upset with Markus.

“Mom, Kuya Gabriel called me mole,” Markus whines and complains over and over.

Gabriel doesn’t even have to say “mole” to tick Markus off. He could simply place the tip of his finger on that part of his face where Markus’s mole would be on his. Markus would be miffed and make a big fuss.

“MOM!!!” That all familiar scream. It gets to my nerves.

I quickly snuff out his mole-whining or reprimand Gabriel. But it’s not working. Markus continues to make a mountain out of, well, his mole. He can’t get past this molehill.

This very thing happened before bedtime last night. The two were squabbling in their bedroom and Markus called out to me.

Exasperated but with restraint, I said, “You have to get over it, Markus. You can’t do anything about your mole.”

“Yeah, Markus,” Gabriel butted in. “Even I have a mole.” Gabriel, Mickey and Markus each has one big mole on some part of the body.

“But it’s on your arm and you hide it under your sleeves. Mine is on my face!” Markus retorted.

“What can you do? That’s nature. It doesn't look bad,” I said.

“Is it nature if people come up to you and make fun of your mole?” Markus was still incensed. By “people” he was obviously taking a swipe at Gabriel.

“That is HIS sinful nature,” I remarked. “Your mole is your natural feature." I paused then continued. "Markus, listen to me,” I made sure I got his attention. “When he makes fun of your mole, it’s NOT about you, ok? It’s about HIM being insensitive and inconsiderate. It’s not at all about you. Your mole doesn’t look bad.”

Markus had calmed down.

Ahhh, I need the wisdom of Solomon for those times when I have to make a molehill out of a mountain...

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