Sunday, September 04, 2005

Not so sleepless in Seattle

I have just come back from an overnight in Seattle. I decided to go with my sister and bro-in-law at the last minute and brought Gabriel and Markus along. I wanted to see family and eat lechon at my other bro-in-law’s birthday celebration. My mother was happily surprised to see us.

This trip was a good respite from my busy schedule, and the last summer outing before school starts. I was able to sleep a lot on the trip because I wasn’t driving this time. I slept quite a bit at my mother’s apartment too, and at my sister’s place three storeys below. It was so relaxing not to worry about cooking and cleaning and grocery shopping. I went out twice, only to visit a thriftshop and Uajimaya (a Japanese supermarket), which were both within walking distance.

Downtown Seattle is not as clean as Vancouver but it has its unique character that makes it very interesting. I enjoy Pike Market, Seattle Center, Pioneer Square, Westlake Mall, Waterfront and Ross department store.

Whenever I am at my mother's seventh-floor apartment, I like looking out the window and watching the lights and the large clock at the Union Station. I also see Safeco and Qwest fields where major league baseball and football are played, respectively. I wish I could actually see the Mariners play, but only if they were sure to win.

Seattle is the main reason we are here in BC and not in Ontario or Prince Edward Island. It is our home in the US. Gino and Mickey spent their summer vacations there until last year. Those were precious times spent with their grandparents and rehashing their Tagalog.

We love Seattle if only because my parents settled there and we have many wonderful memories in this city with my beloved late father and together as a clan. I hope the rest of my side of the family can join us in Seattle someday. Just like old times in the Philippines.

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