Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Back to school

Finally, I’m home by myself. It is so quiet in the house, ohh, what bliss! All the kids are in school. I took two days off to help ease everyone back to routine and clean up the summer’s mess. Yep, more cleaning and fixing up to do!! Never ends.

The kids seem pretty excited to go back to school in their new runners and backpacks and packed lunches in brown bags. The teens are upbeat about their new subjects and new school for Gino. Me, I am just upbeat.

Early this morning, I started preparing their hotdog sandwiches. The boys were up and about unusually early too.

“OK, guys, what do you want on your hotdog? Ketchup? Mustard? Mayonnaise?” I asked. No one likes relish.

“Ketchup only,” Gabriel and Markus chimed. “Mom, who puts mayo on hotdogs?”

“Some people do it. Like me,” I replied. I don’t understand why they find that strange. I find them finicky. They won’t eat hotdogs without a hotdog bun. Me, I can eat it with rice, with nothing, or with mayonnaise.

“I want mustard and ketchup,” said Gino. He wanted two sandwiches.

“Ketchup only, no mustard,” said Mickey. Just one sandwich.

“Do you want fruits?” I offered. “Orange? Apple?”

“Both,” for Gino.

“Any,” for Mickey.

Yogurt for Markus and Gabriel. Disposable teaspoon. Iced tea for drinks. Bottled water each for Gino and Mickey.

I kept a mental list of their “orders”, and prepared indvidual bags with their names on. Whew, I could work as a waitress!

We had ample time to relax before driving off. This schoolyear, I plan to change my morning routine, prepare lunches the night before and leave earlier. Gino is now going to UBC, so it’s one less person to drag out of bed.

I am going to enjoy the next few hours with nobody whining, bickering, interrupting my work or correcting my English! My belated holiday!

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