Friday, August 19, 2005

You gotta do what you gotta do

Summer break is almost over. I am quite pleased with what I have accomplished around the house within the last two months. I got a few things fixed and improved. What a difference these have made in our home life. It’s so nice to have things working properly! These have given me a greater sense of ownership of our home as I look at the fruit of my blood, sweat and cheers.

I am not a handywoman. I WASn’t, but that is changing now. I'm beginning to do things I would've easily hired someone else to do had I been in the Philippines. I’m also trying to get my boys interested in fixing things because of the steep cost of labour here.

Last weekend, I had a long curtain rod from Ikea installed in the living room. I did the measurements and the markings, Gino drilled the pilot holes, and Mickey plugged the anchors and screwed the brackets into them. It sounds simple, but for us amateurs, this was quite stressful. The rod is not perfectly straight, but hey, who’s to complain?

Mickey once mentioned to me something about him not having the genes of a handyman, that he was not interested in these kind of things. I replied, "Was I born a handywoman? I do things because I have to." I try to learn. I read up or ask around.

Do I enjoy painting the walls? Do I enjoy hammering? I would rather sing in the shower than caulk it. I would rather play ping pong, take long walks, or spend a week in the Bahamas (if I had the moolah). But to fix the toilet??? I don’t even want to clean it. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Even if it makes you want to barf.

Markus told me recently, “Mom, do you know what my plans are for the future? I'm gonna get a good job, one that requires you to be very smart. Then I'm gonna give you half of my salary so you can keep this house and buy new things.”

Thank you, Markus. That is really very smart of you. However, when you do get lots of money, can you just buy Mom a new house, one that's not gonna require me to be very handy? Or you can just send me off to the Bahamas.

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