Saturday, August 06, 2005

Project accomplished

My weeklong vacation is almost over. It seems short, but I was able to accomplish what I set out to do. I painted the washroom! Yes, I did it. Good job, lerryblossoms.

It took me four days to complete the job. Day 1 – cleaned the walls and ceiling with TSP, sanded old paint that was peeling off, applied primer/sealant. Day 2 – painted the washroom ceiling and did the kitchen ceiling too. Day 3 – painted the walls mocha. Day 4 - retouched uneven sections, cleaned smudges, cleaned work area and put everything back in place.

Gabriel and Markus were very eager to help. “I want to paint! I want to paint!” They argued about who’d go first. I let them have the first shot at the ceiling so they would stop badgering me. They were so excited to do it for the first 2 minutes. “Ahh, this is hard,” they both said then left me in peace shortly after.

Markus returned later to help with the walls. “Oh, I made two smudges. I’m so bad at this, Mom,” Markus commented after accidentally painting over the white border.

“That’s okay, Markus. We are not painters. We will make mistakes. I’ll just wipe it up,” I said.

Encouraged, he went about painting merrily and after he was done, the two small smudges had turned into two metres of mocha paint on the white trim. No way I could wipe that up. I would have to repaint it white.

“Mom, you should put tape on this,” he said, referring to the edges.

People, there’s a reason for the painter’s tape. I was trying to cut corners by not using it and ended up messing up the trim. “Yeah. Thanks for pointing that out,” I replied.

My project is done and I’m quite pleased. Our downstairs washroom walls are now coloured mocha. Quite bold. “Scary,” Gabriel said. I like it. I think it is very no-nonsense and gives the message, “Whatever you do here, do it quick.” Just right for a busy area.

With this washroom finished, I will start thinking of the upstairs one. That will be my sanctuary. It is roomy and has a tub. I will paint it something light and comforting. “Turn it into a private tub, Mom, so you can relax for once,” Markus suggested. “Put some candles,” he added.

Ahh, there’s nothing like a warm bubble bath after a hard day’s work.


lhb said...

You've been painting too? My daughter and her husband bought a house in June and we've also been painting, painting, painting ever since. We're now finally in the finishing stages - just the living room and its high ceiling left to do. Here's a tip, although it's now too late for you, Krispy Kreme gives away paper hats that are perfect for wear while painting. The doughnuts aren't the best for the waistline,though.

lerryblossoms said...

that would have been so helpful. on my first day, i didn't realize i had so much primer on my hair, gabriel said i dyed it whiter than it already is :-) a doughnut would be nice too.

LHB, you don't look old enough to have a son-in-law.

lhb said...

Oh, you looked at my posted "photo"! :) some of us post photos of how we would like to look. me, i post a photo of what i like to look at. I already know how i look. :) :)

my daughter pays me in krispy kremes. :(