Saturday, August 13, 2005

Kimchi on my mind

Jong Heon went home to Korea last Thursday. Three weeks went by so quickly. We miss him already. After work, I drove by his ESL school and felt a tinge of sadness that my homestay was already on a flight back to the “land of the morning calm”. Will he miss our home of the morning commotion?

I hope he has good memories with my family – our wandering the streets of Vancouver when we got lost and found our way to English Bay for a fireworks exhibition, our picnic at a park along the Fraser River, our trip to Victoria, his playful wrestling with Gabriel and Markus, and many hours of playing video games with the boys.

The past three weeks have somewhat changed our food preferences. My boys now like very spicy ramen and kimchi. I used to be the only one who ate kimchi in the family. And whenever I made sushi, I had to leave out wasabe. Now that’s okay too. I have also learned to add chili sauce to most dishes-—stews, soups and even our very own pancit and tocino. Jong Heon loved this “sweet pork”. I didn't know it could be that spicy good.

Bye, Jong Heon. I hope you had a pleasant experience here in Canada and our very multicultural society. You can always come back to our home. Kimchi will be ready for you.

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