Thursday, July 07, 2005

Spelling Be

“Mom, how do you spell alcohol?” Markus asked while running down the stairs to where I lounged on the couch after dinner.

“A-l-c-o-h-o-l,” I answered.

“No,” he disagreed then showed me a tiny piece of paper where he had written “alchohol”.

“Oh, there’s no h after c,” I said.

“Yes, there is,” he replied.

“Then that would sound like “al-tsho-hol.”

“No, some words don’t sound like that,” he said referring to the ch sound.

“Yeah, but not alcohol.”

“Oh crap! I lost $15 to Kuya Gabriel.”

“Why do you bet on spelling? Why do you even bet?” I asked.

“Well, anyway, I’m still better in spelling other words like ‘giraffe’ and ‘insanitary',” Markus went on.

“It’s ‘unsanitary',” I corrected him. After a couple of tries, he finally had it right then ran back to his room where he was probably having a spelling contest with his brother.

Markus takes pride in the fact that he was able to spell “nuisance” correctly, whereas, none in Gabriel’s grade 6 class got it right. He and Gabriel still repeat this story to me.

Keep working on your spelling, Markus. Strive for e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-c-e.

And work on your vocabulary, too.

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