Saturday, July 16, 2005


I became a movie extra last Thursday. Yes! Me, Gabriel and Markus. We will be in the final scene of Dr. Dolittle 3. We made it to Hollywood!

The scenes were filmed at the Cloverdale rodeo. Actors rode horses and "tackled" calves. We, the extras, filled the grandstand. Many came complete with cowboy hats. Because it was advertised in the local papers, there were hundreds of us.

Filming was pretty boring. From where I sat I could not even recognize any of the actors in the arena. My friends said LeVar Burton (Kunta Kinte in the movie Roots and also the blind guy in Star Trek) and a popular young actress were there. Eddie Murphy wasn’t. I read somewhere that he was not going to be in this straight-to-video movie at all.

What was more exciting were the giveaways and raffle prizes. Lots of cheap cameras, T-shirts, tote bags, DVDs, etc. were thrown to the crowd in between shoots. This made the crowd go wild. DVD players and mp3 players were raffled off. The top prize was a trip for four to Disneyland. I was already imagining which son to leave behind. (Just kidding, you guys. Of course I'd take you all.)

Someone with a megaphone directed the crowd. He told us when to cheer, boo, gasp, laugh or be absolutely quiet. It was amusing to do these things on cue. “Good job,” the director always said afterwards. I think everyone cheered better when it was freebie time. I so wanted that tote bag. I jump up, waved, screamed… Freebies surely excited me more than the camera.

Whenever the cameras were about to roll, someone shouted “Rolling!” A few others echoed it to make sure everyone kept quiet. I thought they said, “Lights; camera, action!”

We did not win any raffle prize nor did we get a tote bag, but we got all the others including free refreshments, and a chance to be in a Hollywood movie. Watch out for Dr. Dolittle 3.

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