Sunday, May 08, 2005

What I Got for Mother's Day

I got Mother's Day coupons, two each from Gabriel and Markus, a few days ago. From Gabriel, I got a coupon for one free hug and another for washing the dishes. Likewise, Markus gave me a coupon for one free hug and another for vacuuming.

Claiming the hugs was easy. The chores were a different story.

"Mom, it has expired," Gabriel said, referring to the dishwashing coupon.

"What?? It's not even Mother's Day. Expired already?"

At least he cooked breakfast yesterday as advanced Mother's Day gift. Sunny-side-up eggs and pancakes rolled like sausages.

Asked about the vacuuming, Markus replied, "Mom, that's good only for one day. You want to use it when the house is very dirty. I've seen it dirtier," Markus said.

Oh, okay. I hate to see the house dirtier but I guess you can help make that happen with very little effort.

Encouraged by Gabriel's cooking, Markus also fried eggs this morning.

"So Markus, how about the vacuuming?" I asked again.

"Oh, I really meant cooking but I accidentally put vacuuming and it expired May 7. So how do you spell vacuuming, Mom? Is it with two U's?"



He got the spelling, all right, but apparently that was not what he meant.

Aww shucks. I wasn't told these coupons could be revoked or altered without notice--and they had expiry dates!

Nevertheless, in addition to two cuddly stuffed toys which they bought with my money, and a lunch out at The Pantry, this lovely message from Markus's handmade card made my Mother's Day:

"Happy mothers day! Thank you for everything. Here are ten reasons why you are the best mom.

1. you help us with our homework
2. you cook delicious foods
3. your very kind.
4. you make cookies alot
5. you help me when I'm hurt
6. your very funny
7. your very smart
8. your always happy
9. you buy us toys
10. your always there for us

Thank you Markus, your a wonderful son. And thanks Mickey for paying half our lunch bill at The Pantry. And thanks Gabriel and Gino for sharing the fun.

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