Monday, May 02, 2005

Sneeze it

Markus woke up today with puffy, reddish eyes that made his face look swollen. He had a cold, but to make sure it wasn't something else, I drove him to the clinic. On the way, he asked me, “Mom, can you make yourself sneeze at any time?”

“No,” I replied.

“Well, I can,” he said. “I just roll up paper and stick it up my nose,” which was what he was doing with a piece of Kleenex that I gave him.

“Oh, yeah. Didn’t I teach you that?” I remembered.

“No. I’ve been doing that.”

“I taught you that,” I insisted.

“No. What time did you teach me that?” Markus was very sure he learned it all by himself. And to prove his point, he was even going to establish a timeline.

“So what time did you teach me, Mom?” he asked again. “I learned it at 7.”

Who remembers the time she teaches someone how to trigger a sneeze with rolled up paper? But I had no doubt I taught him that a few months ago when his nose was all stuffy. (Ok, I didn't learn this from Dr. Spock.)

“I think it was 3 months ago,” I said, certain it was much earlier than 7 a.m.

“Mom, I learned it at 7. That was more than 2 years ago!!”

Oh, he beat me to it. I conceded.

To sort of redeem myself, I added, “Just don’t stick anything else in your nose.”

“So I can’t stick lead?”

“No, just paper.”

“And my finger.”

“Eww, that’s gross, Markus. Don’t do that in front of other people. It's dirty.”

After a short silence, Markus continued, “Why do people say Hachoo or Hatsing? You can just say Hackkhh…”

"Well, people like to do it differently." I know someone who says Whiiissskey.

Then he genuinely sneezed and spewed fluids on the dashboard.

“Yikes, Markus!!!” I need to teach him to cover his mouth while sneezing. Looks like he didn't learn this at 7.


markus said...

i got a cold

Anonymous said...

Hi Auntie Lerie,

Happy Mothers' Day this coming Sunday! I wish I had a caring and witty Mom like you. :) You write very well. I enjoy reading your blog.