Sunday, April 03, 2005

Food Samples

I do my major grocery shopping once a week, usually on the weekend. My favourite supermarkets are T&T Supermarket, Hen-Long (both Chinese), Canadian Superstore, and for selected items, Save-On-Foods. I am just beginning to appreciate Costco that opened a new outlet beside my office. Very convenient and very huge, with lots of food samples!

Although I know from experience that it is hardly a good idea to bring kids to my shopping sorties, I habitually invite one or two to come with me to the supermarket. Occasionally they oblige if they expect to get a special item of their choice like a choco bar or some munchies. I spend a bit more when someone tags along but this is one of the occasions I let it slide. It’s still worth the extra time we get to spend together as long as we agree beforehand on what they can ask for and for how much.

Food is great for bonding. Boys love to eat, so it’s always fun to go shopping where there are free food samples. “Come on, guys! Let’s have some tasting food!” I once said in my brainless English to entice Gabriel and Markus to come with me to T&T. “Mom, you mean food samples.” They still tease me about this. Let’s have some tasting food.

One day, while driving to Langley with Gino, Gabriel, Markus to check out a thriftsore, I suddenly felt hungry but it was a bit early for lunch. I had a bright (and thrifty) idea. "Let’s pass by Costco and have some food samples before going to Value Village." The plan was to grab some KFC afterwards. I quickly made a detour.

As we walked past the electronics section, I strained to look for food sample stands until I saw one from a distance.

“Food sample!” I pointed towards the deli section. “Okay, okay, don’t get too excited, boys. Act naturally,” I said as I paced hurriedly, leading the pack.

“Mom, you’re the only one excited.” Gino remarked.

The boys and I sampled each and every item offered. They themselves got very excited, I thought they looked like they had not eaten breakfast.

Costco certainly knows the benefits of having these samples. I ended up buying their products. Wheat tortilla? A big bag of apples?

Moral of the story: Never go shopping with a hungry stomach and free food samples.

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Jackie said...

haha... yeah, my mom does that with me and jon!