Saturday, March 05, 2005

Ghost in the Cabinet

Early this year, I had the urge to declutter my kitchen, something that was long overdue. I emptied each cupboard and did the tedious task of sorting through the items I had kept for ages. I was baffled by the volume of ingredients that sat there, many of them hardly touched – bags of beans, a wide collection of baking ingredients, tons of spices. It would seem that when others were hoarding bottled water during the Y2K scare, I was stocking up tarragon. And turmeric, cajun seasoning, coriander seed, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, thyme.... I discarded anything unrecognizable, hardened or expired.

It took me two nights to finish the kitchen, and another night to do the fridge. I cleaned late into the night after everyone had retired. In the end, I had a much neater pantry with most everything individually stored in labelled plastic containers with lids. I was very pleased at this rare accomplishment.

One morning, before I could prepare breakfast, I heard someone opening the cupboards and the fridge downstairs. Gino was scouting for food to cook, thanks to Survival Tip #2 (see entry below). Then I heard steps running up the stairs to my bedroom.

Grinning, he stood at my door and said, “Mom, there’s a ghost in the cabinet. It cleaned!”

Will that ghost ever visit the basement too?

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