Monday, February 28, 2005

Purity Ring

I was doing my make-up in the washroom when Markus snuck in and asked, "Mom, can you give me a ring or a cell phone?"

"I can give you a ring when there's one small enough to fit your finger."

"Mom, it will only be slightly smaller than your ring."

"Well, ok then. I'll get you one from Save-On or Wal-Mart. Hey, would you like to have a purity ring?"

"What’s that?"

"It's a ring that will remind you to keep yourself pure. You will give it to your future wife as a sign that you have kept yourself for her…"

"Mom, no one is pure."

Sensing that he misunderstood what I meant by "pure" as opposed to "sinless", I explained, "Yes, there are people who are pure. They don't sleep around. They don't give their bodies to anyone, not even to their girlfriend. So when they stand at the altar when they get married, they are pure…"

In so many words, I blabbered about purity while I continued with my lipstick and blush-on, somewhat unmindful if Markus was getting it. Finally, Markus interrupted, "Mom, can you just give me a cell phone…?"

I couldn't contain my laughter on that one. When I regained my composure, I replied, "Nope, that is too expensive."

"But the ring is expensive too."

"No, I can get one for $5." He was okay with that. Later, he and Gabriel barged into my room while I was grabbing some office clothes.

Gabriel asked, "Mom, where can you get a $5-ring?"

"I can get one from Save-On."

He was incredulous. "A gold ring for $5?"

"Of course not! It's not real gold."

Markus was flabbergasted, "Mom, you mean you're not getting me a REAL ring?"

"Well, even I don't have that kind of ring. Look at my wedding band. It's a buy-one-take-one."

So there. It may take them a while to appreciate the meaning of a purity ring. But it will take me longer to get them a gold one.

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