Sunday, February 27, 2005


As we walked home from Tita Ma's house one Sunday, Markus began talking about his lungs and heart to which I responded, "Oh, you are good in anatomy."

He replied, "No, Mom, I don't even know where intestines (in-tes-tynes) and testicles are."

So I described where they are and he mentioned something about "penirs" and his "puny winky".

"Did you say penirs?" I asked.

"Yah, i thought i can't say pen*s. So can I, Mom? If I can say intestines and testicles, I can say pen*s, right?"

I saw an opportunity there for some sex education so we talked about the male parts and the female parts. I stressed how God made boys and girls different. I affirmed his maleness, that it's good, etc., and assured him it will grow. So young and insecure already?

The following day, I asked him if he remembered what he learned about anatomy. He said, "Yes, the testicles are in your balls."

I quickly added, "Only boys have balls."

"Yeah Mom, and girls have puffs."

Puffs? "What are puffs?" I asked.

Markus was distracted and left the dining table before giving me an answer.

I mentally surveyed my body for anything slightly resembling a puff, whatever that was. I was curious. My 8-yr old seemed to know something i didn't... I never fully understood the female anatomy until I got married. Now this little guy I was supposed to be giving some sex education to says terms I had never used. It made me feel old and out of the loop. I cringed at what my teens might know.

Still curious, I gently asked him again the next day, "Markus, what are puffs?"

"Oh, I made that up."

He sure made up a good one.

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